It is intense, cost-effective, and your company reaps instant benefits from improved job performance. Training needs analysis is an essential first step in any development program in order to achieve the greatest improvement in performance and best value for your investment in training and staff development. We can help you identify and assess your competencies in terms of personal effectiveness, managing communications, managing people, effective directorship and corporate culture and IT skills. Thus we can develop the most suitable approach for a particular individual or the whole organization.

Palann technologies Recruitment Service provides a full HR consultancy service which include efficiently screen, select the most qualified and suitable candidates for current job openings. Human Resource is the building block of any companies's consistency and growth. We understand that for a growing company each block should be sound and perfect. We discern and measure each requirement professionally with total involvement and sharing the responsibility of bringing the best resource for job on board.


Palann Technologies offers on-time, on-demand public classes on various technical platforms. All of our Instructors have real experience of the subjects they teach and the ability to present the class in a structured presentation geared towards maximizing the value of the classes you attend without compromise.


We can deliver blended training programs successfully integrating the best features of traditional Instructor Led Training with modern web based technology and techniques.


All of our programs can be integrated with specific project work enabling your delegates to demonstrate their new competencies and become productive in a short time. Vendor specific certification services can be provided.


These highly-tailored programs are based on the result of solid research into graduate development requirements. Comprising a comprehensive range of products and services, the objective of these programs is to fast-track graduates to a competency level at which they can take on key roles within an organization. Our Graduate Development programs challenge, stretch and motivate graduates as they develop their own personal development plan whilst preparing to meet organizational requirements and transferring their new skills and knowledge to the workplace.

Training benefits

One-stop Shop:

Our vast international resources in almost every technology can fulfill all our clients needs in no time.

Quality :

All trainers are highly skilled in their areas of expertise and have a wealth of personal knowledge and experience.

Cost effective :

Since the training takes place at your premises, fees are charged per day rather than per delegate, therefore staff can be trained at a very low cost per person enabling you to maximize your training budget.

Flexible Training :

Our training offers customized flexible training solution.

Effective Impact :

By learning in familiar surroundings and having colleagues alongside throughout the training, the impact throughout the organization is immediate.

Work Ethics :

We believe in strong work ethics and concurrent growth of clients, partners, vendors and employees.